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Recommended Book for First Creating a Website

If you want to learn how and where to build a website, then I suggest this book. It also tells you how to make a wiki and a blog too. It is in paperback or if you have a nook, then a nook book. You can get the book here:

Build a Website for Free (Affiliate link)

This book:
1. Points out free web hosts
2. Tells you how to use the popular website creator services, for example: Google Sites.
3. Shows you how to validate your HTML code.
4. Tells you which sites can help you with website maintenance tasks, for example: link checking.
5. Gives short overviews of WordPress and Google Blogger.
6. Pretty much, it gives you all the info you need to know to make your first website.

What To Avoid Doing With Title Tags

If you have title tags on your website, which you probably already do, you need to know how to use them effectively, and safely. The first thing that you should know not to do with title tags, is repeating your title tags. Repeating your title tags will hurt your ranking, and most likely get your website marked as spam and if it is bad enough, then removed from the search engines database.

Another thing that you should avoid with your website’s title tags, is not to have a really long title tag. For example it can not be like: Webmaster Resources, HTML, Javascript, XML, and books, and tips and tricks. That is just repeating your keywords in your title tag.

Well, where can you include that? I suggest that you include it in your keywords. Don’t repeat the same keywords over and over but you can have different types of the keyword. For example: Webmaster news, Webmaster tips, Webmaster books, Webmaster tricks. Another good place to include keywords is in your content. Now you know the basics of what not to do with your title tags.

Meta Tags Are Important

If you own a website, then you should consider putting meta tags on your website. It will be more effective if you have different meta tags for each page on your website. Meta tags can include: keywords, site description, author, and more. When you specify keywords in your meta tags, the search engines will ignore them if the keywords are not in the body text.
The most used meta tag type is the site description and the keywords. You can make meta tags yourself, or you can use free meta tag generators. Here is the one that I prefer:

You can find more information about meta tags at Google Webmaster support.

How To Have Ads That Are Effective on Your Website

When you have a service like Adsense on your website or blog, to display relevant ads, they crawl your website looking for keywords, and then matching those keywords with relevant ads. That said, to get the ads to be more effective and of interest to the people visiting your website, then you should update your content and keep it fresh.

Kinds of Sites That Should Definitely be Linking to Your Website

Some domain name extensions have more values than others. For example, if you have a link from a .edu site or a .gov site, or .mil, then you should definitely have a change in ranking. That means, you should go higher up in the search engine rankings. You should also submit your website to web directories.

Web Directories To Submit Your Site To

Here are some popular web directories that Google takes into account when determening the relevancy of a website. These web directories are:
Yahoo Directory
Yellow Pages
and Yellow Book

Check Hyperlinks

When you are maintaining your website, it is important that you check all of the links on your site to make sure they work. This should be a weekly task, and it is very important for keeping your website professional and making sure your visitors find the information they are looking for. If you do not have the time to check all of the links manually, there are free tools that can do it for you. These tools are available on many websites, so I will just mention a few here.

1. W3 Validator

2. IWebTool Broken link checker

3. Website Goodies link checker

Basic HTML Book

If you want to learn basic HTML, then I suggest this book:

Teach Yourself VISUALLY HTML, (0764579843), Sherry Willard Kinkoph, Textbooks – Barnes & Noble:

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Recommended Book for Dynamic Content in Dreamweaver

If you use Adobe Dreamweaver with your dynamic content, then I would recommend this book:

BARNES & NOBLE | Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 with ASP, ColdFusion, and PHP: Training from the Source by Jeffrey Bardzell, Macromedia Press | Paperback:

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Add Your Url To Search Engines

When you are trying to promote your website, a good way too is to submit to search engines. Here are some links to add url pages for each major search engine you should submit to.
– You have to have a webmaster tools account to submit to Google
You can submit without having an account but if you want data about your website then you have to make a webmaster account with Bing.
This lets you submit your site to Yahoo and lets you have a lot of tools where you can see who is linking to you and more.

Why To Assign Useful Names To Images on Your Website

When you assign useful names to images on your website, then the search engines can use that name for its image search. So, when somebody searches for the name of your image, then it is likely going to show up in the image search results. That said, you should include keywords in your image name and not something like hughr1932938. You should also include the correct alt tags. The alt tags are for saying what it is a picture of if the viewer is browsing the web with images off, or a search engine wants to index the picture. Remember, the search engine crawler cannot view graphics. Also be sure to check out Google’s image publishing guidelines.

Don’t Copy From Other Webpages Even If You Give Them Credit

I suggest that when you go on another website and find that their information is really useful, then you should not copy their content. Even if you give the website credit for their work and maybe include a link back to their website, you still should not copy it. Well, why? Because GoogleBotis careful about sites with the same content. GoogleBot will think that you are trying to steal other peoples content in order to get a better search results ranking. It could really hurt your search engine ranking, and maybe even block your site. My advice is to not copy other peoples content.

The Importance of Link Text

The text that is the link to a website, is very important (it is called anchor text). For example, if you take the word Google, then you make Google a link to When other people link to your site it is very important for them to include the website that there linking to’s keywords. The search engines give you a higher ranking for your keywords. So, how do you get other webmasters to give you the right keywords? You should provide a link to us page on your website, and supply HTML codes for different kinds of links. For example, banners, a link, or a link and description.

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