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What To Avoid Doing With Title Tags

If you have title tags on your website, which you probably already do, you need to know how to use them effectively, and safely. The first thing that you should know not to do with title tags, is repeating your title tags. Repeating your title tags will hurt your ranking, and most likely get your website marked as spam and if it is bad enough, then removed from the search engines database.

Another thing that you should avoid with your website’s title tags, is not to have a really long title tag. For example it can not be like: Webmaster Resources, HTML, Javascript, XML, and books, and tips and tricks. That is just repeating your keywords in your title tag.

Well, where can you include that? I suggest that you include it in your keywords. Don’t repeat the same keywords over and over but you can have different types of the keyword. For example: Webmaster news, Webmaster tips, Webmaster books, Webmaster tricks. Another good place to include keywords is in your content. Now you know the basics of what not to do with your title tags.



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