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Things To Avoid With Content on Your Site

When you have a decent amount of articles on your website, you may be thinking about adding keywords, to your articles.

This is a good idea, but do not take it too far. By taking it too far, I mean that if you insert too much keywords that the sentences don’t make sense or if the reader feels like they are just stuffed in there for no reason, then you are keyword stuffing. This should be avoided when inserting keywords into your websites content.

When you insert keywords, you want to make sure it looks natural and to not overload your content with keywords, or else your website will be marked as spam on search engines, and that could have a serious impact on your websites ranking and reputation.


HTML is Important for a Webmaster To Know

As a webmaster it is important that you at least have basic knowledge of HTML. If you need help with HTML, then here is some websites that I recommend you check out. They offer easy to follow HTML tutorials.

Signature Files Can Help To Promote Your Website

If you use email a lot, then you have probably wondered how to tell the people you are emailing about your website. Well, a good way to do that without having to type in your website URL every time you create an email is to create a signature file. A signature file is a signature for your email that is there every time you create an email. To have effective signature files, you should include these things:

1. Your name
2. A link to your website

It might seem like a good idea to include a picture in your signature file, but don’t. It will increase the load time of the email. Lastly, when you include a link to your website, include the http:// part so the link is clickable.

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