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Tips on Making Website Content go Viral

Every webmaster wants to make their website content go viral, but you can’t just write it then put it on your webpage because to have it go viral you have to include viral elements. If visitors find something interesting, and it is not easy to share, they won’t share it with other people. So, how do you make it easy to share?

Well, by adding share buttons to all of your content you can have visitors share your content. If you have a large site, it might not be easy to go back and insert the share buttons on every single page, but it is worth it in the long run. Some popular share buttons to put on your site are the plus 1 button, the Facebook like button, the Twitter tweet button, and the MySpace share button.
You can get the Google plus 1 button at
The Facebook like button at
The Twitter tweet button at
And finally, the MySpace share button at

How To Keep Your Website Google Friendly

When creating or maintaining your website, you have to keep in mind the website where most of your traffic is going to come from. That site is Google. That said, you should spend some time making sure that your site is accessible to Google and has authority over other sites. To keep your website relevant and have your website be Google friendly, you have to follow some guide lines.

The major guidelines for webmasters are:

  • Create unique and relevant content. (That includes not taking content from other sites).
  • Don’t try to fool Google into giving you a good ranking. (Some include doorway pages, false keywords, keyword stuffing, or link schemes).
  • Write for your visitors not for web crawlers.
  • Keep your code clean.
  • Each page on your website must be linked to by at least one static text link.
  • Make sure your site is compatible with all the major browsers.
  • Don’t use cloaking. (Cloaking is when you show different content to search engines and the real content to users. For more information about it go. )
For more information about the guidelines for having a Google friendly site, you can refer to Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Recommended Website Dedicated To Webmasters

In this blog post I would like to shine some light on a website that I recently discovered. It is called searchenginewatch. On this website you can read from a huge selection of webmaster articles and resources. Here is a list of some of the stuff you can access on searchenginewatch. Well, here it goes:

  • You can read easy-to-follow articles about how to search engine optimize your website and what resources you need to do that.
  • You can see the recent updates concerning search engines.
  • You can find links to helpful websites dedicated to webmasters.
  • Other topics on search engines and stuff that a webmaster would want to know.
I hope that you find this webmaster resource helpful.

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