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How To Submit Your Sitemap To Google

Sitemaps can help Google with discovering all the pages of your website. To submit it to Google, follow these steps.

First, you must have a Google Webmaster Tools account. If you have one then you can skip this step and go on to the next one.

Second, go to This will take you to the Webmaster Tools dashboard.

Third, select your website from the list. You will see a page that shows keywords, links, and other data. Under keywords, you will see Sitemaps. Then click on Submit a Sitemap.


How To Prevent Comment Spam

Spam is a growing problem that most blogs deal with. Fortunately you can prevent comment spam by using these methods.

Reviewing comments- With most blogging platforms you can set for comments to be moderated before they are published. This will stop all comment spam from reaching your blog.

Filtering comments- This is where you can set for the comment to be reviewed or not published if it has a certain word or element in it that you don’t want in the comments.

To be most effective you should combine these two methods for your blog comments.

2 Ways To Find Copies of Your Content on The Web

You probably do everything to prevent content theft, but you probably haven’t planned for when it actually happens. If you are wondering if your content has been copied, you can use these 2 methods.

Using CopyscapeThis website can help you find and prevent theft of your content. You can pay for premium tools or you can use their free tools. To use Copyscape, go to their website, and type the url of the content you want to check for copies of.

Using search engines- Another way is to use search engines. To do this, just copy and paste a part of your article in the search box. The reason I would not copy the whole article is because, some content thieves make minor changes to the article to make it harder to find.

This will help you to deal with content theft. You should also report the website that copied the content to Google.

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