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How I Overcame Bloggers Block

I didn’t have any ideas for posts. I hadn’t even posted for 2 and a half months. I was starting to feel hopeless. But, one thing saved me from giving up. You want to know what I did? I asked my target audience what they wanted to learn about. That let me come up with a lot of ideas.

So you can use this with your blog. This is definitely a good thing to do for you and your readers. So, the next time you are out of ideas, ask your target audience.

Other ways to get ideas are:

Look at blog comments – You can do this by going to a popular blog that is in the same niche as you, and look at the comments they have on their blog. So, how does this help? Sometimes the comment includes a question. You just write down the question, and answer it in your next blog post.

Look at Google related searches – To do this, just go to Google And type in what subject you are trying to write a blog post about. Push search and then go to the sidebar on the left and push, Show more search tools. After that, select related searches

Use Google AdWords keyword tool – This tool can help you find more ideas than you would get from the related searches. To get started, just go to the Google AdWords keyword tool page, and then follow the instructions.

If you do these, you will never run out of post ideas. But, remember every once in a while, bloggers block will happen. Remember, don’t get too stressed, ideas will come to you some time.

Tell us how you overcame bloggers block in the comments.



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