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How To Tell If a Comment is Spam

Sometimes a comment shows up and you have a hard time figuring out if it is spam or not. Well, if you are in that situation there is ways to tell.

1. The first way is to see the ip address of the commenter. If you’re blogging platform doesn’t show the ip address then you can go on to the next method. If it does, then copy and paste the ip address and see if it is in the spammer ip directory. The one that I recommend is: Spam Cop. Once you get to the page just paste the ip address into the search box.

2. The second way is to see if they have keywords for their name. If they do then it is most likely spam.

There are tons of spam comments on the internet that have gotten posted onto blogs because they were mistaken as legitimate. If you don’t check every comment even if it looks legitimate, then your blog might get penalized by Google for having the spam links on your blog.



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