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Tips on Making Website Content go Viral

Every webmaster wants to make their website content go viral, but you can’t just write it then put it on your webpage because to have it go viral you have to include viral elements. If visitors find something interesting, and it is not easy to share, they won’t share it with other people. So, how do you make it easy to share?

Well, by adding share buttons to all of your content you can have visitors share your content. If you have a large site, it might not be easy to go back and insert the share buttons on every single page, but it is worth it in the long run. Some popular share buttons to put on your site are the plus 1 button, the Facebook like button, the Twitter tweet button, and the MySpace share button.
You can get the Google plus 1 button at
The Facebook like button at
The Twitter tweet button at
And finally, the MySpace share button at

Signature Files Can Help To Promote Your Website

If you use email a lot, then you have probably wondered how to tell the people you are emailing about your website. Well, a good way to do that without having to type in your website URL every time you create an email is to create a signature file. A signature file is a signature for your email that is there every time you create an email. To have effective signature files, you should include these things:

1. Your name
2. A link to your website

It might seem like a good idea to include a picture in your signature file, but don’t. It will increase the load time of the email. Lastly, when you include a link to your website, include the http:// part so the link is clickable.

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