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Recommended Website Dedicated To Webmasters

In this blog post I would like to shine some light on a website that I recently discovered. It is called searchenginewatch. On this website you can read from a huge selection of webmaster articles and resources. Here is a list of some of the stuff you can access on searchenginewatch. Well, here it goes:

  • You can read easy-to-follow articles about how to search engine optimize your website and what resources you need to do that.
  • You can see the recent updates concerning search engines.
  • You can find links to helpful websites dedicated to webmasters.
  • Other topics on search engines and stuff that a webmaster would want to know.
I hope that you find this webmaster resource helpful.

Recommended Book for First Creating a Website

If you want to learn how and where to build a website, then I suggest this book. It also tells you how to make a wiki and a blog too. It is in paperback or if you have a nook, then a nook book. You can get the book here:

Build a Website for Free (Affiliate link)

This book:
1. Points out free web hosts
2. Tells you how to use the popular website creator services, for example: Google Sites.
3. Shows you how to validate your HTML code.
4. Tells you which sites can help you with website maintenance tasks, for example: link checking.
5. Gives short overviews of WordPress and Google Blogger.
6. Pretty much, it gives you all the info you need to know to make your first website.

Web Directories To Submit Your Site To

Here are some popular web directories that Google takes into account when determening the relevancy of a website. These web directories are:
Yahoo Directory
Yellow Pages
and Yellow Book

Recommended Book for Dynamic Content in Dreamweaver

If you use Adobe Dreamweaver with your dynamic content, then I would recommend this book:

BARNES & NOBLE | Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 with ASP, ColdFusion, and PHP: Training from the Source by Jeffrey Bardzell, Macromedia Press | Paperback:

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Good Websites for Scripts and Codes

Here are some websites that offers cool codes and scripts that you can add to your website. Quackit W3 Schools HTML Goodies

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