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Add Your Url To Search Engines

When you are trying to promote your website, a good way too is to submit to search engines. Here are some links to add url pages for each major search engine you should submit to.
– You have to have a webmaster tools account to submit to Google
You can submit without having an account but if you want data about your website then you have to make a webmaster account with Bing.
This lets you submit your site to Yahoo and lets you have a lot of tools where you can see who is linking to you and more.

Why To Assign Useful Names To Images on Your Website

When you assign useful names to images on your website, then the search engines can use that name for its image search. So, when somebody searches for the name of your image, then it is likely going to show up in the image search results. That said, you should include keywords in your image name and not something like hughr1932938. You should also include the correct alt tags. The alt tags are for saying what it is a picture of if the viewer is browsing the web with images off, or a search engine wants to index the picture. Remember, the search engine crawler cannot view graphics. Also be sure to check out Google’s image publishing guidelines.

Advice on Banner Advertisements on Your website

When you have banner advertisements on your website, it is extremely important that you not overdo it. If you have too much banner ads on your site, then your site will take longer than usual to load, and that will cause some visitors to leave your site. That said, keep banner advertising on your website to a minimum.

Good Practices for Outbound Links on Your Website

When you have outbound links on your website, (outbound links are links that lead away from your site to another site) you should always have them open up in a new browser window. That is so visitors can stay on your site longer and dont have to push the back button in their browser to come back to your website. With links that lead somewhere else in your site you should not have the link open in a new browser window. You should also set all your outbound links to nofollow. Google likes sites that use outbound links to reliable sources. For instructions on how to nofollow your links go here.

Heading Tags That Search Engines Really Pay Attention To

Search engines are placing alot of importance on tags like ; ; ; ; and so on. The one that they find the most important is the ; tag. I think that they find this tag important because it makes the font really big, and you can’t really hide the words from users. Webmasters should include the ; tag on their website. When including it on your website, be sure to insert your most important keywords that describe the page.

Good Practices

Always clearly label adult content. That said, if you have anything that may be bad, for example, adult images, video, audio, language.

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